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What Does “Sex Positive” Mean by Vicky Toys

What Does “Sex Positive” Mean? by

You are #sexpositive if you emphasize openness, nonjudgmental attitudes, as well as freedom and liberation about both #sexuality and #sexualexpression. Go:
This can mean you support all gender identities, gender expressions, gender presentations and #sexualorientations.
“It’s more of an attitude and acceptance of trying not to be judgmental either to yourself or other people who may have a different lifestyle,” says Dr. Bennett. “As long as they are consenting adults, you don’t see it as problematic behavior.”

Sex positivity versus sex negativity

As the opposite of #sexpositivity , many of us have dealt with sex negativity — attitudes that attach shame and judgment to others’ experiences and feelings about sexuality — whether it comes from other people, society or education.
“Much of it is stems from religion or #sexeducation that only emphasizes sex as being just about physical reproduction,” says Dr. Bennett. “Our brain is our biggest sex organ, so it’s going to include our emotions, our identity and our relationships.”

Examples of sex negative messages and behavior:

  • Abstinence-only sex education.
  • Purity culture.
  • Shaming others for their sexuality.
  • Using someone’s sexuality to make a joke.
  • Assuming LGBTQ+ individuals have a mental health condition.

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