post-title SAS Radiant Ballet Flats: A Fresh Look and Great Fit for All Foot Shapes

SAS Radiant Ballet Flats: A Fresh Look and Great Fit for All Foot Shapes

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SAS Radiant ballet flats

SAS stands for San Antonio Shoemakers and until recently, only women of a certain age would know that. But behold the new SAS shoes–full of fresh youthful vibe without forsaking the iconic comfort, quality and good fit that the older generation has come to trust. I may not be a spring chicken, but I’m also not ready for beige velcro-strap walking shoes yet. That’s where my new SAS flats come into play!

SAS Radiant ballet flats

How do they feel?

The SAS Radiant ballet flat not only surrounds my wonky feet and toes in soft comfort, it looks good doing it! Friends, I have bunions, hammertoes and tailor’s bunions (little bunions on the outer side of foot at base of pinky toe) due to rheumatoid arthritis and bad foot genes…sigh. This sleek little flat covers these maladies without irritation. The leather is supple and forgiving, plus SAS uses some sort of magical microfiber lining that feels amazing.

The arch support is minimal to moderate, but the footbed is removable. I haven’t tried to replace it with a more supportive insole, but typically flats don’t accommodate insoles very well as it changes to overall fit. The EVA outsole is ultra-flexible. This may be a good or bad news depending on what your needs are. Some women with knee arthritis prefer a flat shoe with a flexible outsole (the idea being that the ankle and foot do most of the work through the stride, taking the load (or force) off the knee joint. But for feet that crave a sturdy, rigid sole to protect the big toe joint (yes, hallux rigidus sufferers, I’m talking to you), the SAS Radiant could be too flexible.

I also wouldn’t recommend for plantar fasciitis. Yes, the shoe is soft and cushioned, but it’s too flat and doesn’t provide enough arch support to take strain off the fascia. If you have plantar fasciitis, take a look at our article highlighting comfortable flats with arch support. 

SAS Radiant Flats

How do they fit?

Recently I’ve received requests for flats that accommodate a wider forefoot while providing a snug fit at the heel. This SAS Radiant is it! The rounded toe box is wider than a typical ballet flat and the elasticized topline keeps the shoe from slipping off narrow heels. Plus, the Radiant comes in four widths from narrow to extra wide to fit all foot shapes.

I find that the SAS Radiant fits true to size in width (I’m typically a 10 medium).

I love the versatility of this fashionable flat by SAS. It’s casual enough to wear with jeans, but can play dress up when paired with dress pants or a skirt.

Find the SAS Radiant ballet flat in four colors (two with black soles) in whole and half sizes 5-12, four widths for $141 from and Zappos.

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