post-title Relaxing ASMR POTTERY ART: mesmerizing clay and ceramic masterpieces

Relaxing ASMR POTTERY ART: mesmerizing clay and ceramic masterpieces

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Unique and oddly satisfying pottery demonstration that will instantly relax you.

Pottery is one of the most relaxing crafts you can try. Not only will it inspire and unleash your creative side, but it will also help you meditate and communicate with yourself. Touching and giving form to the clay will also give you a very soft sensation. So, to inspire you, I’m sharing with you some fantastic and oddly satisfying clips you can try.
We’re starting with giving form to a vase. We give it a very abstract shape, and once it’s done, we gave it a bright, light pink color.
For our next project, we got even more creative. That’s where we’re using a strainer to create detailed coral-shaped decorations for our vase.
But we don’t only show you vases. We also offer you beautiful plates, bowls, and plant pots that every person who loves pottery can make.
Watch until the end to discover how to make a candlestick holder and a decorative donut.

0:13 – A beautiful pink vase
0:38 – Coral-shaped vase
1:56 – A fantastic abstract plant pot
4:08 – A crazy pottery experiment
6:32 – Cheese-inspired bowl
8:46 – A cool candle holder

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