Chinese Zodiac Wealth 24k Gold Ornaments

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Chinese Zodiac Collect Wealth Ornaments 24k Gold Foil Fengshui decor Dragon/Rat/Pig/monkey Car Lucky crafts Home office decor

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Name:Chinese Zodiac lucky ornament
Theme:Chinese Zodiac(Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Chicken, Dog, Pig )
Material:24k Gold Foil
Packaging-1:Acrylic dust protection cover
Packaging-2:Gifts box Packagine
Packaging list: 1pcs

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24k Gold Foil Material

Asklove original design
24k Gold foil material
The gold content of gold foil is 99.9%.
Gift box packaging
Collect Wealth Decoration
Feng shui Home office decor

The rat is the head of the twelve zodiac. It has incomparable spirituality in Chinese culture. It can predict the evils and sorrows. It is a small creature with intelligence and mystery.
In Chinese culture, cattle symbolizes honesty, simplicity, down-to-earth, hard work and hard work.
The tiger is known as the king of beasts and has the role of a constitutional exorcism in Chinese culture. It is said that wearing tiger jewelry, evil does not dare to bully.
The rabbit symbolizes joy and auspiciousness in Chinese traditional culture, and is kind and full of infinite vitality.

The dragon is highly respected in Chinese culture, a symbol of noble power, and a symbol of luck, auspiciousness and success.
Snakes symbolize happiness, auspiciousness and sacredness in Chinese culture.
The horse is regarded as a symbol of noble auspiciousness in Chinese culture. Its majestic and arrogant spirit means freedom and success.
The sheep is connected with [Xiangrui] and has auspicious meaning. It is more symbolic of filial piety in Chinese culture. It is said that wearing sheep ornaments means gratitude to parents for their kindness.
The chicken is regarded by the Chinese as a mascot and is considered to be a symbol of evil spirits and heroes.
The dog is loyal and brave, symbolizing loyalty. In Chinese culture, there is also a sign of the coming of wealth and the role of disaster relief.
Pigs symbolize courage, kindness, and loyalty. In Chinese culture, it is the messenger who transmits blessings, meaning rich.
The monkey is regarded as a symbol of freedom, agility, intelligence, wisdom and courage, and a sense of good fortune. There is an exorcism to demon, a happy auspicious meaning.

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24k Gold Foil


Chinese Zodiac lucky ornament


Acrylic dust protection cover


Gifts box Packagine


Chinese Zodiac


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