Intel Announces Nine New Coffee Lake 8th Gen Desktop CPUs: Twice As Many Cores For Less Cash

Intel Announces Nine New Coffee Lake 8th Gen Desktop CPUs: Twice As Many Cores For Less Cash

Intel is on a roll today, announcing new, cheaper chipsets as well as its most powerful laptop CPU ever, but there’s more news and it comes in the form of six new six-core CPUs and three more four-core CPUs as part of its 8th Gen ‘Coffee Lake’ range.

All are multiplier-locked and will replace the likes of the Core i3-7300 and Core i5-7600, but while the past has seen some rather paltry performance boosts between generations, things are very different this time. We’re seeing core counts doubling in some cases, with the rest gaining at least 50% more cores across the range.


Intel is finally fleshing out its Coffee Lake CPU range with a bunch of new four and six-core CPUs

The new Core i3-8300, for example, sports four cores, compared to just two for the Core i3-7300, and even better is that the new retail price of $138 RCP (recommended customer price per 1000 units), is far lower than the $160 the older CPU currently retails for. It’s worth remembering, though, that the retail price per unit will likely be higher.

Even so, it matches or betters the RCP for the old CPU, which isn’t bad given it has twice the number of cores, although it does have a slightly lower frequency at 3.7GHz compared to 4GHz for its predecessor.The Core i5-8600 offers six cores and six threads – the same as the Core i5-8600K and 50% more than the Core i5-7600, while having $213 RCP compared to $213-224 for the old CPU.

The new CPUs bring some much-needed fleshing-out of its desktop CPU range, which had large gaps between models such as the Core i5-8400 and Core i5-8600K – something that AMD certainly hasn’t suffered from with a huge array of CPUs launched in 2017 and a similar number this year.

The CPU’s are also likely to benefit from other additions to Intel’s desktop ecosystem today, most notably the release of four new, lower cost chipsets compatible with its Coffee Lake 8th Gen CPUs, allowing lower-end Intel systems to be built for less. This is thanks to motherboards hopefully becoming cheaper with alternatives to the Z370 chipset, which launched last October, hitting retail shelves soon. This comes just in time for Intel to shore up its defenses, especially in the mid-range and low end, against AMD, which is about to launch a new range of Ryzen desktop CPUs.

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