Four short links: 17 February 2020

  1. Coders are not Hackers: Hacker Culture is Dead and Coders Killed It (Twitter) — interesting thesis, though I think there’s a non-trivial amount of rhetorical fudging in those claims. I subscribe to Mel Conway’s idea that software is bifurcating into tool-makers and tool-users, or architects and plumbers. The industry in 2020 feels qualitatively very different than it did in 2000.
  2. Trax — Google Brain’s deep learning library. Trax helps you understand and explore advanced deep learning. We focus on making Trax code clear while pushing advanced models like Reformer to their limits.
  3. Bluetooth Vulnerabilities — I’m always surprised by how many things Bluetooth is in, especially the things that I wouldn’t have imagined flashing firmware on. (“Buoy device”, “Inhaler”, “Blood Glucose Meter”).
  4. The Deadlock EmpireWelcome to The Deadlock Empire, commander! The skills you need are your intelligence, cunning, perseverance, and the will to test yourself against the intricacies of multi-threaded programming in the divine language of C#. Each challenge below is a computer program of two or more threads. You take the role of the Scheduler—and a cunning one! Your objective is to exploit flaws in the programs to make them crash or otherwise malfunction.