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Published 12:23 pm, Friday, October 27, 2017

Bellevue-based Bulletproof Coffee, which claims to help drinkers lose weight and increase brain function in addition to delivering a daily buzz, opened up its first Seattle cafe Friday.

The cafe at 307 Westlake Ave. North features the original Bulletproof butter coffee (a mixture of coffee, grass-fed butter and something called Brain Octane oil), in addition to other items that work with a ketogenic (high fat, low carb) diet.

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The brand has attracted a cult following thanks to the “Bulletproof Diet” that founder and CEO Dave Asprey claimed helped him lose him over 100 pounds and raise his IQ 20 points. Critics have largely dismissed these “biohacking” claims, but the company continues to expand, securing $19 million in funding for a grab-and-go version of its signature coffee.

“It feels amazing to announce Bulletproof expansion into Seattle,” Asprey said in a statement. “Bulletproof is headquartered in Seattle and deeply connected with the community. It has been a goal to bring the flagship Bulletproof experience to Seattle customers, combining the unique products, technology and service. Bringing Bulletproof flagship store expansion to Seattle will allow more and more people to discover how to radically improve their lives by making small changes to what they do every day.”

In addition to food and beverage options, you can also pick up items designed to help you lead a healthy Bulletproof lifestyle, like the company’s branded Whole Body Vibration Plate, which sells for around $1,500.

The company touted the cafe’s “safe, clean, toxin-free space,” which will use only stainless steel or cast iron cookware instead of aluminum. The company already has two cafes in the Los Angeles area. reporter Stephen Cohen can be reached at 206-448-8313 or [email protected]. Follow Stephen on Twitter at @scohenPI.

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