Sweetshop pricing is going variable

Sweetshop has always been our creative outlet – the place we can put some of the most interesting coffees we find together, to produce a turbo-charged, concentrated, fruit bomb of an espresso. It’s bright, it’s bold, it’s unapologetically out-there, and it’s one of our most well-known coffees.

This ethos of experimentation and fun is what’s made Sweetshop so popular, and it’s precisely to preserve this spirit, that we’re changing the way we price Sweetshop.

From today, it’s moving to a variable price, meaning you may see fluctuations in its price throughout the year as the blend of beans in the coffee change. 

We’re doing this because we don’t want to have to pass on interesting lots of coffee that fit the Sweetshop brief, and allowing the price of Sweetshop to flex in this way gives us more freedom to create the blends we really want to, staying true to its spirit of experimentation.

You’ll notice that we’ve started this new era with a blockbuster! The new blend is two-thirds Wegida natural, one-third Kamwangi washed and is a great example of what our new approach allows us to do. Both coffees are awesome, but way more premium than we’d have been able to fit into Sweetshop at the old price.

In fact, we’re so convinced that this new blend is a winner, that we’re giving you the online voucher code SETSWEETSHOPFREE, which will entitle you to £2 off the new blend, meaning you can try new Sweetshop at old Sweetshop prices. Act quickly though, as that code will stop working at midnight (GMT) on Thursday the 23rd of November.


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