Baristas wear bikinis at League City coffee shop

GALVESTON COUNTY, Texas – There is a new restaurant in League City that’s brewing up coffee with a side of controversy. That’s because the baristas are leaving very little to the imagination.

Trevor Lohr is the owner of Double Cup Coffee and says the coffee shop is the first of its kind in Texas. It opened on Monday to lots of community support.

“We’ve been backed up with 6 or 7 cars at a time with people at the walk up window as well,” said Lohr.

“This is really good coffee and people really like that there is a good coffee shop that’s close by now.”

As one would imagine, there are plenty of men stopping by to check it out.

“I think it’s really cool,” said Brent Garza. “I mean, I wish I could wear a bikini… it’s hot as heck right!?”

For others stopping by the craving for coffee is matched by curiosity.

“So, you wear like a bathing suit?” One woman asked the barista in the drive thru window.

Lohr says although no one has been critical to his face, he has field negative feedback online including comments that his coffee shop is degrading to women.

“We are not forcing anybody to wear anything that they are not comfortable with,” explained Lohr.

“Our employees knew whenever they applied for this position that they were going to wear bikinis serving coffee.”

Barista Morticia Valentine says the clothing is the reason she applied.

“What I feel like behind the scenes, in the back of my head… I feel confident,” said Valentine. “I love my job!”

The employees are confident in their coffee too and serve up Houston’s own Katz coffee.

“There’s nothing like cold coffee on a hot day,” said customer Garza.

That’s likely especially true about Double Cups Coffee if you like a side of lingerie with you latte.

Double Cups Coffee is located at 241 S Egret Bay Blvd in League City.

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