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There’s seemingly no end to the craze over the avocado, despite all those fears of not being able to afford houses because of them, or something.

Good Fat is a pop-up café in Sydney, Australia that only serves dishes that feature the green-fleshed fruit for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Opening on Thursday for a one month stint until Nov. 30, the menu features classics like avocado toast or avocado with poached eggs, to more intriguing items like the ABC Bites, which are deep-fried avocado, bacon and potato balls. 

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There are also desserts like the AvoConetto, an avocado ice cream in a waffle cone, most certainly a nod to a particular mass-produced conical ice cream (guess who, don’t sue.) 

So it doesn’t eat up your house deposit, all dishes are under A$20.

The Avoconetto.

The Avoconetto.

Image: good fat

Behind the pop-up is Australian Avocados, the country’s peak industry group for the fruit. 

It follows similar restaurants in New York and Amsterdam, and Good Fat is a way to promote the avocado — if you weren’t consuming a whole bunch already. 

The Avo Smash-Up.

The Avo Smash-Up.

Image: Good fat

“We were really looking for something that was really Instagrammable, something that the public is going to go in and go berserk over,” the café’s chef Liam Crawley explained. 

“It’s not only about those people snapping avocados, but the awareness of what you can actually do with an avocado as well.

Image: mashable

Fortunately, as Crawley explained, avocados are a “very neutral flavoured fruit” which means it’s easy to use over a lot of different dishes. 

Hope you like them enough to eat all day. 5d57 0ae0%2fthumb%2f00001

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