post-title At What Age Did You Start Having a Skin Care Routine?

At What Age Did You Start Having a Skin Care Routine?

At What Age Did You Start Having a Skin Care Routine?
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High school, 1993, when I was an avid Clinique 3-stepper

It wasn’t really anything I thought about when I was younger. I would just wash my face with whatever soap was around, and then I’d remove all the suds with a washcloth… Pretty standard stuff for an elementary and middle school-aged girl. I don’t think I even used face lotion (GASP). And sunscreen? What the heck was that?

But when I was 12, I started breaking out, and that’s when I started a skin care routine.

Granted, it wasn’t great! I remember going to the dermatologist and the doctor giving me a really drying benzoyl peroxide soap called PanOxyl bar, which was so stinky and drying, and it bleached all of my t-shirts and towels… That was pretty much the extent of my first skin care routine. 😂

My routine finally got “official” in high school when I started doing the Clinique 3-step process.

Do you remember the light green plastic soap case that came with the bar soap? I remember taking that thing everywhere — on band trips, to sleepovers. That soap was my jam back in the day. I wonder if it still comes with the soap. Hmm…

Anyway, I continued that routine through college, which was when I *finally* started using a sunscreen. It was one by Oil of Olay. I used it because that’s what my mom used, and it was affordable for my student budget.

How about you? At what age did you start having a skin care routine?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,