American Casting and Manufacturing Provides Ways to Use Wire Seals for Parachuting – Yahoo Finance

American Casting and Manufacturing Provides Ways to Use Wire Seals for Parachuting – Yahoo Finance

PLAINVIEW, N.Y., Jan. 28, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Parachuting can be done for work and for play. But whether you’re chasing thrills by skydiving or carrying out a military mission, safety is important. To ensure safety, parachutes are equipped with safety-tie threads that hold reserve parachutes in case of emergency. These reserve parachutes must be carefully inspected and packed for proper function, or else it could lead to disaster when they need to be deployed.

American Casting and Manufacturing provides ways to use wire seals for parachuting. 

In the United States, and many other countries, the use of wire seals for parachuting is required. The United States Department of Transportation’s Federal Aviation Administration issued a national policy that reiterates that after packing, a parachute must be sealed with a seal press bearing the rigger’s identifying mark as prescribed by an Administrator. 

In some cases, lead seals are required, and in others, aluminum wire seals will suffice. Either way, the seal must be secured using a seal press with engraved dyes. This is required to ensure that the safety-tie thread tied around the reserve closing pin remains secure unless it is needed. The engraved dyes are necessary to mark each seal with the rigger’s unique identifier, so it is clear who sealed the safety-tie and when, depending on the marking.

As you can see, security seals play a crucial role in parachute safety. Without wire seals, seal presses, and engraved dyes, it would be extremely difficult to ensure that parachutes meet standards for safety and function. Parachute riggers have the important job of making sure everyone can land on the ground safely, and wire seals play a big role in making that happen.

American Casting and Manufacturing produces a variety of lead wire seals and aluminum wire seals for parachute riggers’ needs. They also provide seal presses that can be customized with your choice of letters and numbers for engraving. 

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