post-title Adidas Ultraboost Shoes Review : A Great Option for the Casual Runner

Adidas Ultraboost Shoes Review : A Great Option for the Casual Runner

Adidas Ultraboost Shoes Review : A Great Option for the Casual Runner
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Adidas Ultraboost review

Adidas Ultraboost in Cloud White

Pros Cons
Great fit, comes in half sizes so plenty of options for different kinds of feet. Not the lightest running shoe on the market.
Great support from the heel to the toe of the shoe and the boost technology provides plenty of cushion through each step. Price! You can find other quality running shoes for the same or less than the price of the Adidas Ultraboost.
Multiple colorways! No shortage of options to express yourself.

The Adidas Ultraboost shoes lineup took the world by storm, making waves in sneaker culture. With the Boost technology first introduced by Adidas in 2013 and the Adidas Ultraboost in 2015, the shoe saw a meteoric rise in popularity not just among running aficionados, but the general public as a fashionable shoe. Today I’ll be reviewing one of the more popular silhouettes, the Adidas Ultraboost in cloud white, and seeing if this $180 shoe truly lives up to the hype it has received over the last 5 years. 

Adidas Ultraboost

I’ve had the cloud white Adidas Ultraboost shoes for a little over a year now and have gotten some great use out of them. These shoes do come in half sizes so if you are worried about wide feet or bunions, you will most likely be able to find a pair that fits you just right. That being said, this shoe tends to fit more closely to a sock. The shoe is meant to be form-fitting in that the heel is snug and the prime knit upper will conform to the shape of your foot to a degree. Where you might meet the most resistance is in the heel where your foot is meant to be more secure. I think that this is a benefit, since your heel will not slide out (assuming you find the right size for your foot) whether you are going for a walk around the block, or a quick jog.

The prime knit is breathable so there is some airflow for your inevitably smelly feet and flexible enough so that your toes are not constricted while walking or running. Definitely wear socks with these shoes and if you are working out in them regularly, it might be worth investing in some sort of shoe odor ball. 

Adidas Ultraboost in cloud white

For me, the Adidas Ultraboost has been an excellent choice for working out, light running (a few miles), therapeutic purposes and casual wear. As a training shoe, this shoe definitely checks the boxes in what I look for in a training shoe. The shoe is snug enough around my feet so that when I’m doing exercises that incorporate a lot of movements, my feet are well supported throughout the shoe so they are not sliding around while I’m exercising. While I’m running, whether  on a treadmill or on the trail, I get consistent support through each step. The shoe feels light enough so that it does not feel like I’m dragging my feet or I’m shortening my stride as a result of the shoe. That being said, these are not the latest and greatest running shoes on the market. There are far superior running shoes and if you are a serious runner, I would recommend finding another shoe specific for your needs. But if you are a casual runner, if running is just part of your workout regiment and you do not plan on running more than a few miles, this shoe will work just fine. 

Adidas Ultraboost Shoes Review

Adidas Ultraboost

Probably my biggest positives for this shoe is how it has been a great for me while I have been recovering from an achilles tear and through my strength, balance, agility and endurance training. When I first began to walk in the boot, I needed a shoe to offset the height discrepancy that came with wearing a boot on one leg and being barefoot on the other. When wearing a boot, your leg and hip are naturally higher than your non injured foot. In most cases, there will also be a heel raise inside the boot since your achilles does not have the flexibility to perform the walking motion even while in the boot. This can cause pain and discomfort during the recovery process. At the time, the only shoe I really had as a solution for this problem were my Adidas Ultraboost shoes. They worked almost perfectly— I bought a shoe balancer but I ended up not needing it after a week or so.

Adidas Ultraboost shoes

Adidas Ultraboot

When I began walking without the boot, the boost material within the sole definitely helped ease the stress I felt in the heel of my injured foot. The boost material in the shoe also helped decrease the stress I felt in my other leg as I found myself overcompensating to alleviate the pain I would feel in the injured leg– anyone that has had a major leg surgery knows that this can be a common problem and if not treated properly can lead to injury in either leg. These shoes made my transition to walking easier. They were great for the balancing exercises I did. When I started walking on the treadmill, they were great for practicing the heel-toe motion while alleviating the pain and tension in my achilles. They were great for agility exercises. Now that I’ve started running, I think they have been very helpful in creating a solid buffer for my heel so that when my foot strikes the ground, I don’t feel the impact of the pavement or gravel nearly as much. 

Adidas Ultraboost Cloud White

Another great aspect of the Adidas Ultraboost line up is the versatile these shoes can bring to your wardrobe. This is one of the few running shoes— especially the cloud white edition— that is more generally accepted to be worn with both sweats or jeans. I think this has a lot of this has to do with changes in street fashion and the growth of sneaker culture over the last decade. In the past, running shoes with jeans was generally a fashion taboo. Most fashionistas would (and still might depending on who you ask) tell you to either go for a low top monochromatic canvas sneaker, a high top walking sneaker (Converse Chuck Taylor 70 is a go to) or some sort of fall leather or suede boot (chukka, chelsea or dessert boot to name a few). The emergence of the Adidas Ultraboost in my opinion helped change that narrative. Now, I see more people wearing this running sneaker with everyday clothes, doing nothing more than walking around and enjoying their Saturday afternoon. I’ll let you decide how you want to wear the sneaker, but the silhouette of the shoe does offer more options for what you can wear with it. It only takes the courage for you to try and see what works for you. 

Adidas Ultraboost review

Adidas Ultraboost in cloud white

The one thing I will say about this shoe, is that since my achilles is larger than normal post surgery, I do feel minor soreness in my heel because it is such a form fitting shoe after a long day. However, usually I wear these shoes only a couple hours at a time so this is rarely an issue. If you do plan on wearing these shoes a lot, I think this is definitely something to keep in mind no matter what your intended use for these shoes are— walking or exercising. 

One big topic of concern is keeping this particular iteration of the Adidas Ultraboost clean. I feel like most people can relate to this at some point in their life. You get an all white pair of shoes, they glow upon opening box. You do everything in your power to keep them clean, checking for dirt with every step. Eventually, a stain makes its home on the shoe, then another, and another. Eventually, the effort to keep them clean is not worth it and slowly but surely your shining white shoes lose their luster. But this does not have to be the case. There are a multitude of products and shoe care tutorials for your precious sneakers. I recommend using Crep Protect. You can find their full shoe cleaning kit at Amazon.

The only other complaint I have not touched on is the price. I think for the price tag, there are better walking/running shoes out there you can buy. For the cloud white iteration of the shoe, as well as other color variants, you can find them on Stock X or GOAT. For those not familiar with these platforms, you can find shoes, clothes and accessories sometimes below retail price. These apps were designed with the resale consumer in mind so if you are not familiar with how this market works, I would do a little search and watch the prices of the shoes you want to buy because the prices change constantly. What was a great buy today may not be a great buy tomorrow. Overall, I think the Adidas Ultraboost  is a solid shoe. I think that with the performance features and the versatility that this shoe can bring to your wardrobe, this is a good option to buy if you are willing to spend a little extra money.

Find the whole lineup of mens Adidas Ultraboost shoes in sizes 7-14 for $180 from, Zappos, and Nordstrom.

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