post-title 29 Most Adorable POLYMER CLAY DIYs

29 Most Adorable POLYMER CLAY DIYs

29 Most Adorable POLYMER CLAY DIYs
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29 Most Adorable POLYMER CLAY DIYs

Awesome crafts you can make with Polymer Clay.
Polymer clay seems like a difficult medium to work with at first. But, as it turns out, it’s actually easy to master. To inspire your next project and give you some ideas for Christmas, I’m sharing with you some brilliant polymer clay crafts you can try at home. You can use these crafts to decorate your home, office, or your desk.
I show you how to use metal bottle caps to create beautiful Fridge magnets that resemble mini foods – like a little cupcake, a small slice of cake, and a cute little pie.
You can also create beautiful rainbow coffee coasters that resemble knit using long stripes of polymer clay.
If you’ve got fairy lights, you can use star-shaped cookie cutters to decorate them and give your room some color.

0:30 – Amazing coffee coasters
1:24 – Fairy light décor
2:03 – Ancient-looking necklace
3:14 – Butterfly earrings
5:06 – Leaf-shaped earrings
6:11 – Polymer clay donut
7:32 – Miniature makeup palette
8:59 – Amazing long earrings

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