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Daily Archives: 2020-08-19 10:23:33

New-Haven-Style Pizza Pop-Up Dimo’s Apizza to Open in Portland – Eater Portland

On July 16, a new, outdoor, potentially permanent pizza pop-up is opening in the former Mikkeller space. Dimo’s Apizza, from Los Angeles culinary vet Doug Miriello, will start serving clam-topped pies inspired by the ever-elusive New Haven-style pizza. New Haven-style pizza, perhaps more than any other variety of American pizza, is contentious. It’s like natural […]

Sexual Harassment And Assault In Fighting Game Community Sparks Calls For Reform – WFSU

Allegations of sexual assault and harassment are sweeping through the Super Smash Brothers fighting game community. In Florida, tournament organizers and players are trying to come up with ways to make their community safer. Super Smash Brothers is a popular fighting game franchise that stars key Nintendo characters—like Mario, Link, and Pikachu. There are professional […]

Learn to Speak Hungarian Online for Free! 44 Hungarian Lessons for Learners on a Budget

Can you learn to speak Hungarian online, for free? Yes, you can! Hungarian is a unique language, there’s no other language like it in the world! It’s the official language of Hungary and it’s spoken by around 13 million native speakers. I decided to learn Hungarian because it’s the native language of many of my […]