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Daily Archives: 2020-10-06 01:30:46

Caffe Lena welcomes back audiences ‘in baby steps’ – The Daily Gazette

Caffe Lena announced on Wednesday that its bringing back audience members, albeit in limited numbers.  “We’re taking it in baby steps, starting with 25% capacity,” said Caffe Lena Executive Director Sarah Craig. “Live performance venues were the first to shut down, and they’re the last to reopen. It’s essential for the future of music that […]

Saratoga Springs’ Caffe Lena postpones reopening – The Daily Gazette

SARATOGA SPRINGS — Caffe Lena postponed its reopening date on Friday, citing an influx of visitors to Saratoga Springs and new COVID-19 infections in the area.  “I think that New York and this region have earned themselves a fabulous reputation for having gotten through the worst of the pandemic. It’s seen as an area that’s safe,” […]

Tom Collins

Here’s my confession about Tom Collins cocktails. I first started loving this cocktail after Elsie told me it was her “bowling alley” drink. Haha. I don’t know why, but this still makes me laugh. If you’ve never had a Tom Collins before, it is essentially a spiked lemonade drink. It’s usually made with gin, lemon […]